Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memorable Games: Iraq 1 - 0 Saudi Arabia (2007 AFC Asain Cup Final)

It was the team that nobody expected. With a country still engaged in the aftermath of a brutal and devastating war/invasion, Iraq were seen as easy beats in the 2007 edition of the AFC Asian Cup.

How wrong many people were.

Here was a team with many of its players playing in the Iraqi domestic league, with a few sprinkles of players from leagues like Lebanon, Libya and Cyprus who under the guidance of journeyman Brazilian/Portuguese coach Jorvan Vieira, managed to make it all the way to the final of the AFC Asian Cup.

Their opponents were the very much fancied but underachieving regional powerhouses Saudi Arabia. This match isn't memorable for the lack of intensity of the game, far from it. This game is memorable because of the symbolic nature that the Iraqi triumph held in the hearts and minds of the footballing public, nay the world.

In a largely uneventful game, the Iraqi captain Younis Mohammed (pictured) unmarked rose up in 70th minute to power home a corner into the back of the net, giving the captain of this troubled nation a 1 - 0 lead over the Gulf powerhouse.

The emphatic celebration by Younis in front of a packed 60,000 streflected the passion felt by many Iraqis and felt like he was carrying the weight of this gulf nation's hopes, beliefs and expectations on his shoulders. With the ball thundering into the back of the net, it was a symbol of joy and the lifting of the trophy was the ultimate triumph for both football and the people of Iraq.

Football has the power to transcend war and bind people together, to warm the hearts of many and extinguish the notions of hate and suffering, all from the kick of all ball.

Watch the winning goal and the emphatic celebrations here:

By Marcel Abboud

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Capello deserves break from criticism

Perhaps it is his features, deep set and exaggerated which makes him an easy target for ridicule. Or more likely, it’s the particularly English disease which threatens to rid any life from his reign as it takes its grip, slowly strangling any semblance of progression that threatens to wriggle free. Either way Fabio Capello is a man caught on the rocks, as the tide of public opinion, goaded by certain media outlets, batters him to the brink of submission.

Not that the Italian’s outlook has changed of late. If he was perceived to have softened after the World Cup, indeed his admission he had made some mistakes after England’s colourless exit from the Rainbow Nation raised some eyebrows, he remains steadfast in the face of recent criticism surrounding his judgement.
The decision to appoint Terry was the correct one. Although the manner in which he has conducted himself leaves something to be desired, support from within the team was quickly forthcoming. A comprehensive victory over an admittedly under-par Welsh side looked to have put the issue quickly behind them as Capello gets on with what he seemingly does best, helping England qualify for major tournaments comfortably. That was not enough for some.

The man who has won trophies with the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan knows what he is doing, he is by no means a bad manager. Far from his image as a disciplinarian set in his ways, Capello is a man unafraid to admit he has lead his side down the wrong path.

When David Beckham revealed he was to leave Real Madrid for the dimly lit La Galaxy, he dropped the former Man Utd midfielder, believing his commitment was compromised. Beckham proved his worth in training, played a key role in the title run-in and helped them on their way to the 2006-07 La Liga title. Similar mistakes with his preparation before the World Cup and his hard-line stance were duly noted and rectified.
It is not how the Italian is knocked off his pedestal built by those who now claw at him, but how he clambers back on it.

His tactical nous also deserves commendation. The flexible 4-3-3 used in the game against the Welsh worked well and marked a departure from the 4-4-2 he insisted upon in his first two years in the job. In a friendly prior to the World Cup Capello experimented with the system, before abandoning it altogether. Now it appears it is here to stay after the Italian persisted with it during last night’s entertaining 1-1 draw with Ghana. If Andy Carroll, who has worn almost as many England as he has Liverpool shirts since his record move, can find the form he displayed before his injury, then the final piece of the jigsaw can fall into place. 

Capello is a man for developing and learning from what he has done, and his record in terms of games won as England manager stands up alongside the best.

Played 35, won 24, lost 6. Not the record of a helpless sap unsure of his next move. He deserves to be judged by his actions and results of course, but not by those who have read psychology for beginners and believe they have an unrivalled insight into what his real motivation is. He is a simple man, who likes one thing. Winning. And the sooner that is realised, the sooner the poison is removed from the chalice that is the England job.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Memorable Games: Germany 3 - 2 Urguay (Third Place Playoff, 2010 FIFA World Cup)

In what was perhaps the most enthralling match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a very attacking Germany managed to defeat a gallant and brave Uruguay side 3 goals to 2.

Managing to come back from a 2 - 1 deficit, the Germans after going ahead from a Thomas Muller goal in the first half managed to level the game in the 55th minute thanks to a Marcell Jensen header, before Sami Khedira won the game late in the second half, popping up to slot home the winner.

Perhaps the best two teams in the tournament didn't make the final, but they surely went out with a bang. Football was the winner in this game.

Watch all the goals here:


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memorable Games: Parramatta Power 0 - 1 Perth Glory (2004 NSL Grand Final)

With the final kick ever of the old National Soccer League (NSL) in Australia in 2004, Nick Mrjda after some fantastic build up Australian football legend Damian Mori, sunk the hearts of Parramatta Power and their fans, winning the last ever NSL grand final in 2004. Being locked 0 - 0 in normal time, the golden goal in extra time was in effect and a rampant Perth Glory managed to take all the day's honors and leave Parramatta Stadium as champions of Australia.

Mrjda's strike symbolized the end of "old soccer" in Australia, a league (NSL) dominated by clubs with ethnic ties and political overtures and made way for a year-long recess in Australian football. The 2005/06 season saw the launch of a new, eight team national based competition known as the A-League, which has seen a dramatic rise in professionalism and the administration of the game in Australia. Parramatta Power have since ceased to exist and Perth Glory, though still plying their trade in the A-League, are just a shadow of what they used to be in the days of the NSL.

Many of the clubs that dominated the NSL have resided into the top tier of the respective states and are still very much a cultural hub of the people that once supported them week in and week out behind their stadium's terraces. The Australian footballing public owes much thanks to the Frank Lowy led administration at the FFA, but every Australian footballing fan should never, ever, forget the past and acknowledge that these clubs helped build many of our past and present (and even future) Socceroos. Never forget history.

Nick Mrjda has just recently announced his retirement from professional football at the conclusion of the 2010/11 A-League season and has returned home to Perth.

To read more about the NSL and it's demise, visit the ever reliable Wikipedia here

Watch the curtain close on the NSL and the dawn of a new era in Australian football:

By Marcel Abboud

Memorable Games - Juventus vs Real Madrid - 2003 Champions League

In our series looking back at memorable moments in football we take a look at the 2nd leg 2003 Champions League Semi Final clash between Juventus and Real Madrid. The clash was one of the most anticipated of the tournament with Juventus heading home to the Del Alpi down 1-0 on aggregate. The Turin Giants had assembled a squad which would go all out attack against Los Blancos.

With seemingly all the odds against them Juvenus did the impossible and progressed through at the exprnse of Madrid. Lead by captain Del Piero the Bianconeri scored a 3-1 victory which included goals from the captain, David Trezeguet and Pavel Nedved. An inspirational performance by Buffon who saved a penalty also added to the magic of the night, which would surely live on in all the memories of the Juventus faithful. Juventus went on to lose on penalties in the Final. Check out the action below.


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Friday, March 25, 2011

Opinion - A Liverpool fan's perspective vs Sunderland

The day finally came when we as Liverpool fans got to see Suarez and Carroll in the same starting line-up. Not really in a forward two, Carroll was up top and Suarez seemed to have a bit of a free role supporting him mainly playing towards the left along with Kuyt on the right in a 433, when attacking. In the second half Meireles joined in with the attacking support a lot more and was usually the most advanced midfielder, making the formation more of a 4231. Great to see us continue to have plenty of support in attack.

When I first saw the team I felt we may be a bit overrun in the midfield and to my eyes I was proved right in the first half. During the first half I thought our midfield let players go past them too easily, they needed to be better in the tackle and stop sticking their foot out and hoping to get the ball, commitment lads! I did see an improvement in this, players started getting stuck in more, let’s do this from the off next game.  Another negative, we were a bit too sloppy in possession; Sunderland cut our passes out far too much, too many times players were guilty of waiting for the ball to come to them and not being aware of the opposition player closing down. The actual pass was sometimes too sloppy as well, more power was needed.

Liverpool had a good first few minutes of the game and could have scored twice but after this most of the possession belonged to Sunderland. Although they had most of the possession they never really looked like scoring, only one good cross that no one got on the end of. We were the ones looking most likely with our counter attacking play and from corners; we finally looked a big threat. Meireles, who although wasn’t at the races the first half did deliverer well from corners. In the box we had some big tall, strong players in our new number nine and Skrtel. These two worked together at most corner kicks, Carroll using Skrtel as his deploy. Some good movement was on show in the box from our corners, an area that has obviously been worked on greatly since the arrival of Carroll. This all nearly paid off in the second half when Carroll could have had his first Liverpool goal, his low directed header cleared off the line. Overall the first half Liverpool were very solid in defence and looked dangerous on the attack.      

In the second half we managed to get forward a lot more, Meireles most notably came more into the game, playing further up the pitch with carroll, Suarez and Kuyt, still not having his best game but quite an improvement. Liverpool could have scored more than two and in my opinion were the better team. Suarez taught Mignolet, Sunderland’s keeper a lesson when with a belter of a shot beat him at his near post. An obscured angel which few would even try, but after a run along the bye line, our new hero, Luis Suarez did.            

The partnership between Andy and Luis will take time and neither at the moment are fully match fit or have had time to settle in, what with Carroll’s injury and Luis constant in and out of the team with his exclusion from Europe. Even with these factors there were still very good signs for this partnership, Luis never stops running and works so hard for the team and Carroll, good luck to any defender in beating him in the air to knock down a ball to Suarez. The good thing about Carroll is that he has a lot more than just aerial threat to his game, cannot wait until he is match fit. At times the two players linked up well but sometimes the understanding of the other players movement was not quite there, once the two of them have got used to each other I can honestly see this being a partnership to fear. On one occasion Suarez passed the ball to Andy on the edge of the box and like always carried on running, found space for him self, if Carroll had immediately passed back to Suarez, I would have bet my house on him beating the keeper. With Suarez in the team our players need to be ready for him to do anything, little magician he is. 

In summary a very solid away performance from Liverpool. The defence did their job well, Jamie looking good on the right and what a difference Daniel Agger makes to the team. A ball playing defender, starting attacks from the back. Would like to see another Agger brought into the club. Attacking wise, we hit them on the break and looked threatening, not too much in the way of ‘pass and move, it’s the Liverpool groove’ to marvel in but we got the 3 points, ok with the help of a controversial penalty but we looked much better than what some are giving us credit for. 

By Christina Ashwell

United-Bolton 1-0. 19-03-2011

That's how champions are made!

Memorable Games: High Quality - Tenerife vs Real Madrid (Copa del Rey 97/98)

Now, this game was not memorable for anything else but the fact that Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos managed to score what is dubbed "The Impossible Goal," scoring from an angle of LESS than one degree...

Not much words can describe what was witnessed on that day when Real Madrid beat Tenerife, it's just amazing to watch, almost like poetry in motion.

Here is the highlight of the amazing goal scored by the Real Madrid left-tback


Here is a fantastic scientific breakdown of how it was executed.


By Marcel Abboud

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memorable Games: Adelaide United FC 8 - 1 North Queensland Fury FC (A-League, 2010/11)

A red hot Adelaide United needed a win over North Queensland to reclaim second spot on the ladder and to try to secure a top two birth for the A-League finals series.

And win they did.

An emphatic 8 - 1 win by the Reds saw the Fury crushed and sink to an even lower low as their future in next season's participation was still up in the air (at the time).

The rampaging Reds broke three records in the one game:

1) Most goals scored in one game in the A-League
2) Biggest win margin in the A-League
3) First team for two players in the one team to score a hat-trick

Adelaide United attack pair Sergio van Dijk and Marcos Flores both grabbed hat-tricks, with Iain Ramsay and Travis Dodd getting in on the action as well, all the while condemning the Fury were to finishing bottom of the table.

North Queensland Fury did manage to pull one back thanks to a Panni Nikkas freekick in the second half, but the damage had already been done.

Watch all the goals from this exciting and pulsating victory by the Reds.

RIP North Queensland Fury FC (2009/10 - 2010/11)

By Marcel Abboud

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You want 10 sprints ? I'll do 11... - Alan Shearer

It was his first full match debut. It was a match against Arsenal. He was just 17 years and 240 days. He was nervous. He was tensed. He was how a 17 year old normal kid should be. Yet what he did that day was truly remarkable and abnormal. He scored a hat-trick against a formidable opponent and won his team the match 4-2. Was this an indication of things to follow?

Commitment, Passion, Finesse, Creativity, Strength are just a few words that have been used to describe this Legend. All these seem to be small in front of the achievements this guy has made. He’s also known as the “Galloway Giant”. He was not called a “giant” just because he was six feet. The gigantism laid in the terror he created amongst the defenders of his time, the ease with which he over powered them and the simplicity with which he celebrated his goals. This “Galloway Giant” is ALAN SHEARER.

Shearer believed that you need to give 100% every time so that no one could ask anything more from you. Shearer was quoted as follows- “Someone once said to me as a kid, if you’re asked to do ten sprints, do eleven. Never do nine because that would be cheating yourself.
At school-level he began playing on the streets just like most of the kids. He preferred playing in the midfield as he believed that he could “get more involved in the game”. Perhaps it is this stint in the midfield which has made him a brilliant creative forward, who not only scored goals but also created opportunities for his team-mates. Later, he spent the summer training with Southampton’s youth team. This, according to Shearer, was the “making of Shearer”. After scoring the hat-trick against Arsenal in 1988, Shearer had a successful stint at Southampton. He went on to make the then manager, Branfoot “the most popular manager” at that time as he kept getting calls from various clubs trying to buy Shearer. Despite a strong interest from Manchester United, Shearer rejected the move and decided to stay with Southampton.

Later, he would go on to join Blackburn with whom he won the Premier League on the final day of the season , tipping Manchester United. He went on to win the PFA Player of the Year in 1995. After the European Championships of 1996, Manchester United tried to sign Shearer for a second time. Shearer just said, “I am getting offers from various clubs. I must be doing something right.” .The fees was agreed and the deal was almost done when Shearer’s Hero- Kevin Keegan came up with an offer from Newcastle United and “hijacked” Shearer’s move to Old Trafford. Shearer continued his brilliant goal scoring form in the following years, winning many accolades and fans throughout the world. He could have easily gone to Manchester United and won many trophies.

Especially the 1999 season, where Manchester United won the treble. But he chose his childhood club managed by his childhood hero. From this perspective it seemed obvious why he chose not to go to Old Trafford. Whatever maybe the reason, but it sure pictures the beauty of commitment, love and loyalty towards your club which is lacking in the modern-day footballers. Ten years later, Shearer was again seen showing his love for Newcastle, who were in dire straits. He turned into a manager for 8 games and took charges from the caretaker manager, Hutton, as Newcastle attempted to beat the drop from the Premier League. During an interview, he was quoted saying, “I’ve never wanted to leave. I’m here for the rest of my life and hopefully after that as well.” .Though he failed to perform the task due to his inexperience and the lack of time, he had proved his love for the club where he became a Legend.

Another memory that comes to the mind of any Shearer fan is the altercation between Roy Keane and Shearer in the 2001-02 season. The match was in favour of Newcastle 4-3 and the Red Devils captain, Roy Keane, as we all know was a “dynamic” character to say the least. Shearer was preventing Man United from taking a throw-in. Roy Keane threw the ball at him and aimed a strike at the striker. Shearer stood firm and didn’t react to it. Keane was sent off and he tried to charge onto Shearer, who looked at Keane fearlessly. This fearless nature was visible during the numerous goals he scored for both club and England. Shearer once said, “I never get fed up of scoring goals. That’s a striker’s secret.”

Shearer has not won the World Cup, The European Championships, The Champions League, The FA Cup. But he has won the hearts of every Newcastle supporter and that of many other budding footballers throughout the world. He went on to be the highest ever premier league goal-scorer, scoring 260 goals, of which 206 were scored for Newcastle United, which was another record .He was inducted in the English Hall Of Fame in 2004 and also in the 125 Greatest living footballers by Pele.
Many Newcastle fans would love to see Shearer back playing football. You can find him in Classic Players in FIFA 11.

In a charity match organised against Celtic to bid farewell to Shearer, who was unfortunately injured, he would make a last minute entry on the field as a substitute which could be described as “The Last Entry of the Gladiator”. He scored a penalty and the commentary went as follows:
And the curtain comes down so fittingly with a winning goal in front of his beloved fans...Alan Shearer ... Legend.

By Nikhil Kulkarni

Memorable Games - Chelsea FC 2 - 1 Manchester United (EPL 07/08)

Michael Ballack's double helped blow the Premier League title race wide open as the former German captain led Chelsea FC to a 2 - 1 victory over a very stubborn Manchester United outfit.

A cross from Didier Drogba at the end of the first half saw the head of Ballack to give the Blues the lead, before United striker Wayne Rooney latched onto a mistake from Chelsea FC Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho to put the scores level in the second half.

As the game set to end in a draw, Wes Brown gave away a penalty for handling the ball in the box and Ballack obliged to step up and put the ball the opposite side of United keeper Edwin van der Sar.

Chelsea saw a late scare as the Red Devils launched a blistering attack in the dying moments, but a dramatic goal line clearance from (none other than) Andrei Shevchenko saw the scoreline remain at 2 - 1 in favour of the boys from the blue side of London.


By Marcel Abboud

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video - Highlights from Brisbane Roar vs Central Coast Mariners - Grand Final

It is probably the greatest Grand Final to have ever been played in the A-League, Brisbane after a stellar season capped it off with a win on penalties in the final, after almost giving it all away in the dying minutes. It was a match which saw four goals scored in extra time after no goals were scored in regulation. Brisbane were to eventually win on penalties. Relive the moment below:


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Video - Highlights from Barcelona vs Getafe

Barcelona have beaten a tough Getafe side to consolidate their place at the top of the La Liga. The Catalan giants won 2-1 after goals from Alves and Bojan. Alves' goal was certainly the pick of the bunch. A 25 yard half volley found the net with style in the 17th minute.

Real Madrid also took all three points to keep up the pressure on Barcelona as the end of the season draws closer. Check out the highlights from Barcelona vs Getafe below.

Misc pics of The Dam Reds

Friday, March 18, 2011

Video - Highlights from Villarreal vs Bayern Leverkusen

Villarreal progress through to the next round of the Europa League after a scintilating performance against German side Bayern Leverkusen. Villarreal went into the tie with a 3-2 lead and that was consolidated when they went two nil up thanks to goals from Carzola and Rossi.

Leverkusen got one back late on but it was too little too late for the Germans who are now out of the competition. Check out the highlights from the match below.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Champions League Wrap! Round of 16 comes to an end

The last eight teams standing in Europe have been decided after the last four games of the round of 16 second legs were completed. Some stunning football was on show as the European finalists from 2009/2010 clashed and many games began even on aggregate.

Manchester United vs Marseille began with United knowing that conceding at home would make the task all the more difficult. The Red Devils made sure of it in the first half, scoring in the fifth minute through star signing Hernandez. Marseille wasted a host of opportunities early on. They would prove to be costly late in the scond half as Chicarito went on to score a double and send United through yet again. A late twist saw an own goal from Wes Brown, but it was a mere consilation for the French side who failed to make an impression on the game.

The clash of the round saw defending European Champions Inter face Bayern Munich away from home. Inter went into the match 1-0 down. Things were square just after the start with Eto'o beginning a memorable night with a calm finish in the 4th minute. Things were turned on their head as Gomes capitalised on a Cesar mistake yet again to bring the scored even on the night.

The hopes of the European giants were dashed when Muller put the Germans ahead just 10 minutes later. Inter came out in the second half with an attacking mentality, through the brilliance of Sneijder the Italians equalised sending the travelling fans into a frenzy. Inter were still behind with just minutes remaining until, Eto'o scorer turn provider teed up Pandev who nailed home from inside the 18 yard box to silence the home fans and send inter through 3-3 on aggregate.

After a seemingly one sided affair in the first leg Chelsea looked to have had the tie sealed up against Copenhagen for the second and home leg at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea failed to find the back of the net, and so to did FC Copenhagen. The tie ended 0-0 with Chelsea comfortably going through. However their form will be something of concern for manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Real Madrid had history against them in their clash against Lyon at the Santiago Bernabeu, 1-1 in the first leg gave Madrid a slight edge over their French opponents but the Spanish giants were taking nothing for granted as memories of last years defeat was still fresh. Madrid attacked from the outset, and a brilliant showing from Ronaldo saw them up by a goal thanks to Marcelo late in the first half.

In the second half a revitalised Karim Benzema finished calmly after a lofted ball from Marcelo caught the Lyon defence out. The former Lyon man finished between the legs of Lloris. With the night seemingly over Di Maria finished with a chip into the net in the 76th minute securing a 3-0 victory over the less than impressive French outfit.

With only eight teams remaining the countdown to Wembley is on!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Van Gaal done with Bayern Munich after the current season

Bayern’s board directors and Louis Van Gaal (coach) have decided to terminate the contract, originally set to June 2012, one year earlier. According to the FCB board, it is because of different opinions regarding strategic directions of the club and the lack of achievements. The 59 year old Dutchman was a rather popular man in Munich this time last year, when the Bavarians won the double and reached the final of the Champions League.

However this season Bayern Munich has disappointed, and are now 16 points behind the leaders Dortmund. So the question is who will be the coach of the most successful club in German history after Van Gaal leaves.

The players have reacted differently to the situation. Especially Arjen Robben is unsatisfied with the decision. It is said Robben has requested a transfer to AC Milan, one of the reasons being the departure of his fellow Dutchman Van Gaal. 
No one can know for sure if it was a good decision.  Perhaps will Bayern have a great run in the Champions League this season as well. If so, the Bayern board will probably regret their actions.

By Aksel Petter Spence

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photospecial: Amsterdam flag at Partizan Belgrade games

Do note there's no link between the two clubs or the two sets of fans. Still thought it was funny to see.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Goal of the Week - Lionel Messi vs Arsenal

Messi's strike against Arsenal was certainly our pick of the week. Nicely weighted ball to the Argentine from Iniesta, saw the maestro lift the ball over Almunia and finish with a nice left footed volley. It was just one of his many spectacular goals. Barcelona finished the game 3-1 to proceed through to the quarter finals.
Check out the strike below.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Champions League Wrap!

The first four ties of the quarter finals of the Champions League for 2011 have been completed and some results may have come as a surprise as European Giants Milan were bundled out, and much hyped Arsenal were also shown the door.

At their expense teams like Tottenham and Shahktar Donetsk made history qualifying for the quarter finals for the first time.

Arsenal vs Barcelona was probably the most anticipated match of the round. With two giants of the game clashing in what was an exhilerating tie. It was Barcelona who came up trumps producing the goods in the second leg to send the Camp Nou into raptures. Arsenal will rue a missed opportunity as they failed to capitilise on an impressive 2-1 lead in the tie. For Wenger's men winning the league will be their main aim.

Little known Ukrainian side Shahktar Donetsk took on Italian side Roma. After a 3-2 victory in the first leg, it was looking good for the team who had never before reached the knockouts of the Champions League. The second leg saw a coomprehensive 3-0 victory in favour of Shahktar which was more than enough to see off the Italian side.

After an exhilerating first leg at the San Siro, Tottenham were looking to produce the goods against Ac Milan. In an affair which could be best described as an anti-climax the English team held on to produce an aggregate victory, much to the dispair of the Italians. Credit must be given to the outstanding defensive display which was on show at Whitehart Lane.

Valencia have looked to seemingly be cruising following the departure of lethal duo David Villa and David Silva, however that all came to an end after being put to the sword by Shalke. The 3-1 loss will see Valenica return to Spain in the hope that they can try and bridge the insumountable gap between themsleves and Barcelona and Real Madrid.

With another four games to follow next week, the quarter finals are already looking tantalising. With some new faces in the last eight the 2010/2011 installment of the Champions League may prove to be one of the best yet!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Video - Highlights from Blackpool vs Chelsea

Chelsea have cemented fourth spot in the EPL with a comprehensive win in their away match to Blackpool.

A John Terry header along with a double from Lampard helped guide the Blues to yet another win, which leaves them nine points behind Manchester United.

Blackpool edge closer to relegation and now sit just two points out of the bottom three.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video - Highlights from Wolverhampton vs Tottenham

Spectacular goals were abundant in Tottenham's clash with Wolves. Although the match ended 3-3, Jermain Defoe found the net twice in amazing fashion.

Pavlyuchenko also got in on the action with a nice strike.

In the end Wolves hung on to the point, which is crucial in their battle to avoid relegation.