Monday, August 29, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly!

By Paul Frederickson

What a weekend of football, if only Serie A could have got its house in order! Football, creates conversations like no other sport and this weekend was no exception.


So many 'goods' this weekend, and I must be the only person who could not fit Manchester United into this section! The reason for that decision is that Manchester United have relegated Arsenal into the 'ugly' section. Honourable mentions to Real Madrid and Manchester City for their thumping wins. In the end a Brazilian Serie A goal by Felipe Soutta wins this week's good!


Losing your first three games of the season and losing one of your best players, in Brett Emerton, for no compensation would make life as a Blackburn fan pretty miserable. Then there are the players, playing terribly and even worse, they appear in their owner's business commercial, for Venky's Chicken! What a classically bad commercial.


The Manchester United 8-2 thrashing of perennial title chasers, Arsenal was a result that no-one could have seen. The magnitude of ineptitude has catapaulted Arsenal into the ugly for the second week in a row! Arsenal's biggest loss since 1896!