Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

By Paul Frederickson

I have viewed and attended so much football over the last few days that I think I may have to give myself a red card! I hope you all had a tremendous Christmas and New Year's Eve and are now rejuvenated and ready for all the glory that the 2012 footballing year may bring.

The Good
Many believe that the city of Manchester has the championship in their clutches. But recent poor form has brought Tottenham back into the race. This season has been less predictable than many that has preceded in recent years. In my opinion that can only be a good thing. It is likely that City will bring out the chequebook again in the next few weeks, even with the shadow of Financial Fair Play limitations looming. In the red half of the city, Rooney's reported fury at his $300,000 fine for a very late night would not calm down the United training ground atmosphere. Sir Alex's 26th year in charge of the red half of Manchester could end in tears.
The Bad
Melbourne Victory's season of glory is in danger of not only coming to a halt but completing imploding after their loss to the Brisbane Roar on New Year's Eve. The 3-1 loss came after leading from a sublime Harry Kewell goal in the 3rd minute. 87 minutes later their tattered challenge was best summed up by their silent away supporter's area. If they lose to the Central Coast Mariners tomorrow night as part of the A-League's wonder-Wednesday then the silence will be deafening, and contracts may be torn up!

AVB has had a turbulent season in charge of the big spending Chelsea team. The transition from a less competitive Portugese competition to the Premier League has been a huge learning curve for the young manager. That does not excuse his alleged poor treatment this season of stalwart
and club legend, Frank Lampard. After scoring the very late winner this morning it has been reported that AVB ignored his match winner. It has been reported that this has been an ongoing situation. Very poor form!

So what do you think? What were your weekend's Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly?