Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Front: Sport 17-08-2013



1 – He has total faith in Mascherano

2 – Puyol will be fully recovered and ready to play in three weeks

3 – He is willing to give Bartra and Bangnack a chance

4 – He will make rotations so that all the centre backs will be fresh by April

5 – The club have the option to sign someone in December

Confidential: He insists a lot on putting pressure on the rival’s defence

Pedro: availabe, Alexis: starter. The player from Chile is more likely to play along Messi and Neymar

The day Messi wore Rivaldo’s jersey. When he was a kid he used to wear Rivaldo’s 10 jersey to play the Nintendo with his friends

Villas-Boas: “We are not negotiating for Bale”

Pep: “There will not be any chance for us to win the Bundesliga if we play like this”