Monday, May 23, 2011

Players that could save your life, or something like that!

By Paul Frederickson

Every league has a player with which you could put your life in their hands. Well more likely their deft touch, zigzagging dribble, swerving crosses, delicate chips, sublime skills, powerful headers, devastating shots and overall brilliance!

So let us have a look at these players in which we could trust our lives.

Love him or hate him but Wayne Rooney has been a talisman for Manchester since crossing from Everton in 2004. Even when he is not playing to his full ability he will bring others into the game and never gives up. It is no coincidence that when Rooney broke his drought and then scored the goal of the season that Manchester United looked unbeatable this season. Would he save your life? Yes, as long as you do not have a go at him on Twitter!

In a competition that is fast falling down the chain of European leagues in terms of prestige and interest one man has stood out is a giant in the Italian arenas, Samuel Eto'o. Arguably Cameroon's greatest ever player and leading goal-scorer of all time, Eto'o has led goal scoring in Spain and Italy over the last few years. Inter would be playing more like Brescia or Bari if Eto'o was not up front for them. Not only would his football skills save your life but his mouth would also defeat your enemies. Outspoken, maybe, devastating in his support of you, definitely!

Christiano Ronaldo scored the most goals in La Liga history this season and so he is the obvious choice right? Wrong! This is your life we are talking about. Ronaldo would be more interested in how his football was looking than the impending doom that hangs over your head. Lionel Messi on the other hand is not only a winner, but arguably the best player on the planet and would make you look just as good as he saves your life.

They did not win the Bundesliga but without Arjen Robben Bayern Munich may not have even finished high enough to make the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Champions League for the 2012 version. Injured for much of the early rounds of the Bundesliga the sublimely skilled Dutchman made the Munich giants look like the team everyone expected them to be once he returned to the field. He did the same to the Dutch World Cup team and he would save your life, blindfolded, hopping on one leg and whistling the tune to the Great Escape.

What do you think? Could these four save your life or would the ball slip sideways off their boots and go out for a goal kick as you walk towards the light?! Before you go there is one final warning, you must avoid placing your life in the hands and feet of the players below!