Friday, May 20, 2011

The perfect A-league, a dreamers dream!

By Paul Frederickson

Everyone wants their team to be the best it can be. They also want their team to be in the most competitive and successful league possible. Imagine, if you can, that I have been presented with wishes by an FFA genie allowing me unlimited changes to the A-League. So here is my wish list for the A-League, granted it may be unrealistic, but nevertheless here it is!

Free-to-air channels and Pay television enter a massive bidding war in which the FFA reaches a $1.5 billion dollar deal that is distributed evenly to the ten A-League clubs. 3D games are shown in all local clubs and bars for no additional cost.

People can purchase pay-per view games for $1.99 on their mobile or home computer, accessing the game where and when they want.

The 2022 World Cup vote is re-staged and Australia is awarded the World Cup. Many tourists who stay afterwards attend A-League games and local supporters buy memberships in record numbers.

Games sell out on a regular basis and people go on waiting lists to see games and buy club memberships.

Merchandise is varied, well designed and people purchase home and away jerseys on a yearly basis.

Australian teams regularly win the Asian Champions League and perform well in the World Club Championships.

The A-League is the most followed and watched sport in the country and heads the sporting news on television. Football is on the back pages of the national newspapers for all the right reasons.

The competition has promotion and relegation where relegated teams are still well followed and financial. Thus, football supporters never have to worry about the financial status of their club.

People call soccer football.

Football fans who hear the word soccer embrace it for its history and do not get overly upset by its use.

The best footballers from around the world ask to come and play in Australia.

Finally, the people who run the game, love the game and even more importantly, know what they are doing!

A man is allowed to dream!