Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floods and Football

For our international readers around the globe, you may be unaware of the current disaster occuring in Australia. Play the Advantage is a football site based in Australia so it is only natural that we offer our support to the flood disaster, by generating awareness in the global community.

Queensland is often referred to as the sunshine state however over the past few weeks extensive rain has caused 75% of Queensland to flood. The disaster has cause much grief to residents and Australian's alike. Amongst the anguish Australia's A-League has also been affected by the rising water. The Football match scheduled to go ahead between the Brisbane Roar and Wellington Phoenix was postponed for two reasons, including the fact that resident cannot access public roads as well as the issue of the pitch being under water.

Although the game is the least of the states worries and what will certainly be on the mind of the players is the welbeing of their friends and families. The devestation has caused much damage to the agriculture industry as well as businesses around the CBD. With Brisbane being under water Queensland has come to a halt, as people wait for the water to subside.

For those of you interested in helping out the flood victims we have provided the link to the Red Cross donation site.

DONATE AT -http://www.redcross.org.au/ourservices_acrossaustralia_disasteremergencyservices_Queensland-floods-2010.htm