Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steven Pienaar transfer offer accepted

According to Everton manager David Moyes midfielder Steven Pienaar may be on his way out this January after the club accepted a bid from a club agreeing to sell.

The club that the South African is destined for is still unknown however he is still yet to agree to individual terms. Moyes claimed that he was going to be moving only to a bigger club and that he will fit in well if the deal goes ahead.

The money recieved from the deal will be a much needed boost for Everton. The club rarely has money to splash out on the market with, so the selling of Pienaar may just see some new blood arrive.
Pienaar has been a star performer for the toffees since arriving from Borussia Dortmund a few years back.

The deal will be completed by the end of the January transfer window if all goes well.