Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hodgson out Dalglish in, what are his chances at Anfield?

It was bound to happen, another coaching change at Liverpool. Bad form under Roy Hodgson has seen a mutual agreement take place, where both parties agreed upon the descision made by the former Fulham coach to leave Anfield.

Hodgson claimed that coaching at Liverpool was one of the hardest things he has done in his career to date and he wishes the club all the best in the coming future. Liverpool announced their thitd coach within a year would be indeed a former coach Kenny Dalglish. After leading Liverpool to Premier League success on a number of occassions Dalglish reutrns to a different Anfield to the one he is so used to being in control on.

Dalglish was also at the helm of Celtic and Blackburn, before laying off management positions for a while. Although Dalglish's managerial career has not been all glory. Whilst under the control of Celtic Dalglish made a number of descisions which would see the club endure a period of unrest within it's administrative areas. Nevertheless he still led the Scottish team to a League Cup.

Liverpool currently lie in 12th position in the Premier League. Still pushing for another European birth Dalglish will look to make anumber of significant player changes, including making a number of key signings to restore the Reds to their former glory.

Dalglish has experienced much success with Liverpool, but what they will first have to achieve is consistancy. After losing 3-1 midweek, Dalglish will look to boost morale before their clash with United in the FA Cup and then against Blackpool in the League.

Liverpool have began their search for a second half of the season surge with a coaching change, it is expected that a player overhaul is next.