Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fernando Torres - The "el nino" effect

Now not many of us football fans pay much attention to the business side of the sport. We on the other hand rather like it, and stumbled across something that we found rather interesting.

Although the transfer window is well closed and the shock trasfer of Fernando Torres to Chelsea has settled into our system, I thought I would take one more look at the 50mil Spaniards transfer and just how much this transfer could mean to Chelsea. Now Fernando maybe be looking a bit rusty on the pitch, and at times border lining desperate, but you get the feeling goals will come and he will once again be up there with Europes elite. However, despite his lack of form Torres is paying back the club that signed him in more ways than one. Torres is a foot-balling icon and a world wide image in the sport that streches far and wide. Simple internet findings reveal just how big an icon Torres is.

The most popular social networking site Facebook highlights perfectly how Chelsea can benefit commercially by acquiring Torres," said Oliver Ward, Senior Agent at ITM Sports Management.

With 966,680 fans, Torres is the most popular player in the English Premier League. More people like him than John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba combined, Torres has almost as many fans as either Arsenal and Chelsea Football Clubs.

"With 966,680 fans Torres is the Premier League's most popular player on Facebook"
Now as far as a clubs image goes, no club can be worse off aquiring the Premier Leagues most followed player. He is a sort after commodity, the player every marketing man wants to get his hands on. Torres with Chelsea in the Champioms league is much more appealing than Torres with Liverpool in the Europa league, sponsers know this and will be waiting in the wings for the Spaniard to strutt his stuff in Europes elite competition. A further indication of Fernandos insant success at Chelsea world wide was 24hours after transfer deadline day, when it was revealed that in 24hours Torres Chelsea shirts outsold Carroll Liverpool shirts Chelsea in a staggering 250/1 ratio.

The brand of Chelsea football club has already risen to extreme heights with there expansive spending on high profile players, but with Fernando Torres joining the ranks of the lofty Londeners there world-wide reputation becomes just that much more appealing.
Fernando is not only a top class player, he is a top class piece of business and 50mil is starting to look like a small price to pay considering the amount of potential this transfer has for both club and player. Chelsea officials and fans alike will only be so happy to see him plying his trade at Stamford Bridge.

By Ayden Rhodes