Monday, February 7, 2011

Violence in the game

Amongst the recent goal fest fans have been experiencing in Leagues around Europe, are a few events which have left a sour taste in the mouth of many.

Two obvious events stand out. That of Abou Diaby in the game against Newcastle and that of Cristian Chivu in Inter's game against Bari midweek.

Diaby was sent of in his sides embarrassing 4-4 draw with Newcastle. It was fair to say that his sending off was the reason behind Newcastle's comeback. The Arsenal number two was responsible for a choke hold and a push, after a challenge from United's Barton.

See the footage below (excuse the quality)

Cristian Chivu was responsible for punching Bari's Rossi in the head for no apparant reason. Chivu was subsequently given a yellow card. Which mainly due to the referee's lack of attention.

See the footage below:

The two incidents bring up the concept of bad sportsmanship in the game. Both players will recieve suspensions from the respective governing bodies. Their clubs will also play a part in reprimanding their respective players as both an example to other players in the team and as a sign of their condemnation of the actions.

It is a step in removing this behaviour from the world game where many players are seen as role models to many.