Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Impact of A-League imports

The Hyundai A-League has certainly helped to grow football in Australia, as the FFA develops new ways to make the league appeal to Aussie fans we need look no further than some of the imports many of the clubs have brought in. Many Europeans, South Americans, Africans and Asian players now call the A-League home. The mix of diverse playing styles allow for a variety of outcomes in each and every match, it has also led to the highest scoring A-League so far in recent years.

Analysing the various imports it is clear that some have had more of an impact than others.

Adelaide's Marcos Flores has established himself as one of the best players in the A-League, His goals have been impressive too and it would be hard to pick a better goal than his solo effort vs Newcastle. He sits on 5 goals this campaign, but is even more dangerous from the way he dictates play with classy passing and sublime through balls. The Argentinian proves to have had one of the greatest effects on A-League football in recent times

In Melbourne Carlos Hernandez has certainly brought about sucess. Now in his fourth year at the club the Costa Rican sits on three goals. However his shooting ratio is second to none. With 28 shots on target Hernandez is a keeper's worst nightmare. The passing ability of the 26 year old has helped team mates Robbie Kruse and in past years Archie Thompson find the target on many occasions.

German midfielder Thomas Broich is a valuable asset at Brisbane Roar. The midfielder's success this season has been in the assists department, claiming an assist in 8 of Brisbanes goals this year. Broich represented his national team at an under 21 level and has brought with him talent and a fantastic work ethic. Broich also proved that he can find the score sheet, on three occasions this year he has found the back of the net.

As the league continues to grow so to will the budgets of clubs, allowing for more expensive and effective improts to be brought into the league. They are an excellent source of football talent and provide great incentive for fans to go and watch their team play.