Friday, December 10, 2010

Sydeny Rovers officially withdraw bid.....for the time being.

The much anticipated expansion of the Hyundai A-League into South West Sydney has stumbled as the bid has failed to gain much needed funding from a major sponsor. The West Sydney Rovers were aiming to enter the league within the next two years, and looked to be a promising franchise with a massive support base out west.

Although the FFA has not given up on adding another team to the growing leauge. Canberra looks like another safe bet, but the FFA's chief Ben Buckley did not rule out the possibility of another bid from South West Sydney perhaps under a different franchise.

It was suggested that another bid build upon the work of the Rovers team as alot of effort had gone into ensuring that the bid be both viable and prmising. This included work into establishing stadiums and government support.

One thing is for certain the league will need to reach a greater fan base to survive and what better way to do so than to expand the league.