Monday, April 11, 2011

Could Ronaldo be on the move....... again?

He's won next to nearly everything a top level player could want (except a World Cup), but Ronaldo still wants more. This time its Milan calling the 80 million dollar man. With Silvio Berlusconi stating that he would love to have Ronaldo at Milan, and considering the number of stars that the Rossoneri have lured to Milan, Ronaldo would not seem out of place.

The Portugese attacker has certainly made his mark at Madrid scoring 54 goals in 57 appearances. But Madrid would be very reluctant to let go, especially if Los Blancos are not delivered a Champions League title this year, or a La Liga title for that matter.

In the summer Milan had completed a move for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but his time could be up at the end of this season, since he was only secured on a loan deal. This could make way for Ronaldo who could easily slot into his position.

Ronaldo has stated that he is very much at home in Madrid and enjoys playing in the La Liga. Coach Jose Mourinho was quoted midweek as saying "if Ronaldo moves, I will move too, but not with him". Mourinho was linked with a return to Inter but these claims were quickly rubbished.

Madrid sit second on the table, far adrift from Barcelona who look to have secured the La Liga. Their focus is on the Champions League where they are ever so close to qualifying for the Semi Finals, which would set up a historic clash with Barcelona.