Friday, April 29, 2011

Mourinho meltdown, could get him introuble with UEFA!

After Madrid's loss to Barcelona at the Bernabau in the Champions League Final, Jose Mourinho has once again found himself in hotwater. The master tactician has caused a stir with comments he made about the match in the post-game press conference.

During the rant Mourinho went on to talk about the unfair reffing decisions he believes he was on the end of. He was obviously referring to the Pepe sending off and even the sending off of he himself after the incident. However amongst these things Mourinho claimed that if Barcelona win the Champions League they will do so knowing that they cheated to reach the final. These comments have Barcelona outraged and talk has been that the Catalan giants are close to reporting Mourinho to UEFA.

The consequences could be devestating for Mourinho, with talks of extended match bans, monetary fines both to club and individual, as well as an overall bad reputation for Madrid, who look to be out after the 2-0 loss.

The fate of Mourinho wil be decided in the next few days.