Sunday, April 10, 2011

Will Manchester United sustain their great position in the Premier League?

Manchester United are currently at the very top of the table in the Premier league. Being followed by one of the other great English clubs, Arsenal, Manchester United have no room for error. However, after the previous round results, Man United are now 7 points ahead of Arsenal, having played one more game then the Gunners. The title race is not only between Arsenal and Manchester United. The current champions Chelsea are also believed to have a chance, although it is starting to seem impossible.
 There are several reasons for Manchester United’s success this season. One reason being a good evolvement of several players. With the league’s top scorer Dimitar Berbatov (30) up front and the solid Nemanja Vidic (29) at the back, things have gone according to the plan. Also the breakthrough of Javier Hernandez (22) and the assist deliverer Nani (24) have played a decisive role in the race for Manchester United’s 19th league title. With 19 premier league titles the red devils will pass Liverpool’s current record.
So, will Arsenal manage to overtake Manchester United’s first place, or will the reds go all the way? At the moment it does not seem likely that someone else will capture the trophy, but we must wait and see.
 By Aksel Spence