Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video - Highlights from Shahktar Donetsk vs Barcelona

Shahktar Donestsk was ridden off in the UEFA Champions League from the very first matchday, but against all the odds prevailed to the quarter finals knocking over some big clubs on the way. However in the first leg quarter final the Ukranian team were taught a footballing lesson by Barcelona losing 5-1 at the Nou Camp. Realistically Donetsk never really stood a chance against a full strength Barcelona team, nevertheless they came out firing in the second leg. It was only a Messi goal just before half time that proved to be the difference between the two sides on the night. Donetsk made history in the 2010/2011 installment of the Champions League, doing what a number of European clubs weren't able to do - play Champions League football. Barcelona are now poised to play Madrid in an enthralling semi final - provided that Los Blancos get there.

Check out the highlights of the match below!