Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four El Clásico's in four weeks!

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is probably one of the greatest in the history of the game. The Spanish giants have always been at the forefront of Spanish and European football and in the next few weeks we will get the chance to witness some spectacular matches.

First up is the El Clasico reverse fixure. Last time the teams met in the league Barcelona destroyed Madrid 5-0 in what was a spectacular display of quick, fluent and attacking football. The vicotry secured Barcelona's position at the top of the table and silenced the Madrid fans. This time around Barcelona will face an inform Madrid side and possibly with the absence of inspirational captain Carlos Puyol. With Ronaldo in spectacular scoring form and Higuain back from injury this match will surely be one that decides whether Barcelona go onto win the La Liga once again.

Following the league fixture both teams will face off in the Copa del Rey, which serves as the Cup competition for Spain. The sheer depth of the Premiera serves as a reason to why it is such an achievement to make it to the final. For Real Madrid and Barcelona it was made especially hard by the amount of matches that they played in such short periods of time, this is testament to each squads depth and young talent. Both teams will be aiming to complete the treble and this is just one part of such a feat. Silverware is directly up for grabs and both Mourinho and Guardiola will be out to ensure it is brought home.

Probably the most anticipated of all these clashes is the Champions League Semi Final tie between the two teams. In the competition so far both teams have hardly been troubled, except for a few instances where Arsenal and Lyon had Barca and Madrid on the ropes. Behind both teams is a Champions League winning coach. Mourinho boasts 3 titles and Guardiola one as a manager and one as a player. Both sides boast experience. On one hand Madrid are looking to add to their history and Barcelona are looking to seek vengence for their 2010 campaign that ended at this stage. In the end it will be down to the players to decide who will be at Wembley come the matchday final.

As fans we have a lot of football coming our way, the ties between Madrid and Barcelona are just some of the many to look forward to. Whether it be Ronaldo trying to outdo Messi, Guardiola trying to match Mourinho or Barcelona trying to dominate Madrid we know we are in for something special!