Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabregas, a 30 million dollar joke!

Another transfer season, sees another audacious bid by Barcelona to try and land Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas. But it would seem that last seasons flat out rejection of 50 million dollars for Fabregas was not enough to deter the Catalan giants from pursuing the Spanish midfielder. However, instead of upping the anti, they have tried an approach far cheaper, and far less appealing for any Arsenal supporter.

Barcelona have apprarantly made a 30 million dollar approach for the number 4 attacking midfielder. Arsenal have rejected the bid, stating that they are not prepared to sell their captain under any circumstances. With the Londoners failing to win any trophies yet again, one would wonder when enough is enough for the Spanish man. It may prove to be the case that the 24 year old asks for a release to his former club.

If there's anything for certain now, its that Fabregas will still be at the Emirates next year!..... well at least untl Barca come calling again.