Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manchester City not United after Nasri!

Manchester City have emerged as being the actual "Manchester" team in the race for French attacking midfielder Samir Nasri. It was ealier reported that Untied were tabling a bid, but this ridicule was quickly trashed instead being replaced by the idea that City have been getting their  funds together to try and lure Nasri.

Nasri scored 10 goals in his Arsenal campaign this year, however they amounted to nothing as Arsenal failed to win a trophy for the sixth successive year. City on the other hand collected a trophy in the form of the FA Cup in the 2010/2011 season, possibly sparking them onto bigger and better things next year.

City are also guaranteed a Champions League spot next year, finishing third in the EPL.

Eastlands is also on the hunt for yet another striker, possibly Neymar or Sergio Aguero. There are also rumours that they may hi-jack the Fabregas and Barcelona talks and sign Fab. What is for certain though is that Arsenal will need to start turning over trophys to hold onto their players!