Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Marcelo should not send emails....

Real Madrid back Marcelo has certainly proven his worth this year at Madrid, playing in what was probably his most successful season. Many will be wondering why the superstar back was left out of the Brazilian squad to compete in the Copa America tournament. Well here's why:

Marcelo accidentally sent an email to Brazilian manager Mano Menezes claiming he had lied about an injury to avoid a friendly against Scotland. The Brazilian manager caused much controversy when he left the Madrid back off the list, but after justifying why this was the case, the media attention has shifted back to Marcelo.

Menezes went on to say that he would not prevent Marcelo from being a part of the squad in the future. However the left back will have to more than prove himself to be re-considered. Marcelo will not play in the Copa America.

And that's why Marcelo should never again send an email.